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Pousette And The Pirates

(The Journey of A Show)

Margot Fitzsimmons creates a theater for young audiences show over the course of a year for children on the autism spectrum. The production is based on a story her Grandfather used to tell her Mother when she was six years old called “Pousette and the Pirates.” She develops the show in Virginia and conducts pre-show drama workshops at The Charter House School to get a better understanding of the impact theater has on children with autism. She takes what she has learned and travels to Hawaii, where she goes back to the drawing board. In the second version she includes more multi-sensory components and puppetry in her show. By the end of her journey she comes to the conclusion that a good theater for young audiences piece with multi-sensory components is not only for children on the spectrum, but is captivating for all audiences.

*Edward A. Langhans Award in Western Theater and Dance Scholarship   
University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa 
*Arts and Humanities Master’s Student Research Award 
University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa   
*  Winifred Ward Scholarship 2016 
Named for pioneer of children’s theater and creative drama. One who has demonstrated intellectual and artistic excellence in the area of child drama/theater.
*Golden Door International Film Festival Official Selection
*Best Film For Raising Awareness Nomination
(Golden Door Int'l Film Festival)
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